For this project, we were requested to create a complex monitoring system for the US metropolitan area public school system. The platform was required to have the following features:

  • The ability to keep track of the pupils’ educational progress
  • The possibility of checking the grades within a class, school, and whole metropolitan area
  • Increased security and advanced user verification

This platform was meant to be an effective tool for collecting and analyzing the data around the local schools. The information would then be used to optimize the educational process and the achievement of better academic performance. It would also highlight the issues present in certain regions, such as understaffing and lack of funding.
According to the request, the platform was not supposed to be accessible for external users. Every new person would need to be granted access by a super-admin, being a representative of the Ministry of Education. Besides, the platform required a hierarchy to categorize users into groups.
The users with a higher level at the platform would have more access and available functions on the website. For instance, teachers would moderate courses and exam dates, whereas the students would only see their schedule and study progress. Super-admins, on the other hand, would have the capability to add and delete users, manage courses, schools, and more.

Resolved Challenges

The primary question to resolve within this project was regarding data security. Ensuring that such a large platform is secure required a lot of brainstorming and careful planning. However, eventually, we came up with a solution and introduced a strict hierarchy and an advanced authorization process.
Another issue that Mbunity Development had to resolve throughout this project was a large amount of data that the platform had to process daily. For example, the geographical database alone contained fifty-six public high schools around the metropolitan area.
At the time when the task was complete, the system counted around 30 000 students. Our software developers have successfully executed the concept of creating a platform that could function fast, even when hosting thousands of users simultaneously.
Also, we had to consider the users with special needs and design the system to be suitable for them. The clients and our team are happy with how the educational platform turned out as it has an intuitive interface and is as inclusive as possible.

Our Team

This project has been brought to life by Mbunity Development’s five senior JS developers, a project manager, and three quality assurance specialists. In collaboration with our partners, they have delivered a top-quality result within the shortest timeframe possible.


We have used Angular, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB for the implementation of this web project.


The client’s goals were rather clear. Nevertheless, we had to invest hours of research and brainstorming to develop solutions to fulfill the platform’s design and performance requirements. Besides, we have faced some challenges regarding the project’s integration. Our team has devoted a lot of effort and time for this system to be accepted by the local bureaucratic institutions.
Despite the challenges, we managed to come up with an optimal solution. We used the Waterfall methodology to divide this complex work process into a set of smaller tasks.


As a result of the Mbunity Development team’s cooperation with our partners, we have achieved the following:

  • Created a functional, fast, user-friendly unified educational platform.
  • Developed a modern tool for analyzing and improving academic performance.
  • Digitalized the process of scheduling, grading students, and creating a study plan in schools.
  • It is a special project for us, as we assisted our partners in making a positive social impact and foster innovation.
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