In the modern world, you have to balance your career, friends, and personal life constantly. With the increase in the prevalence of smartphones, mobile applications have begun to gain popularity, which allows you to communicate when you only have a few minutes to spare.
Today's dating apps are complex technological services that include mobile dating apps and server apps, desktop apps, and additional services. The speed of receiving data and the service's rate depends on the chosen database, data storage structure, and transmission.


The client wanted to create an iOS-based dating app that would bring people together and help them find love - or just have fun chatting with app users. The project had a well-thought-out business model adapted for the US region. It was crucial to comply with all rules and regulations to protect personal data. Among other things, the execution time was strictly limited by the customer.


After collecting all the analytical data, our team proceeded to design the app. Having created the technical task, the methods of writing the code were determined, and a prototype was developed. After the project was approved, our team started development.
One of the most important steps in a mobile dating app is design. It is important to make sure that the user can easily navigate the program, regardless of their age. All buttons, forms, fields, and data should be in place, look harmonious, and be easy to use.
According to the created project and design developments, our specialists wrote the code and developed the application.


When performing the work, our team used the following front-end and back-end technologies:

  • Swift, Xcode, Moya
  • C#, Net Score 2.3., MySQL, Swagger
  • Typescript, WebStorm, Angular


Here are the top features implemented by Mbunity Development.

  • Connecting users who like each other
    The application can notify users if they like each other. With such a match, you can start chatting with a mutually liked user.
  • Chat functionality
    The chat has full functionality for comfortable communication of the user. You can find a user by their first or last name, find out if the recipient has read the message, attach photos, and edit and delete messages in the chat.
  • Daily conversation topics
    On a daily basis, users can answer questions on various topics. Then they can share their answer and find out the responses of others, which helps to find common conversation topics with prospective dates.


Our team provided the client with a high-quality application, tested for errors, and delivered the project on time. The application complies with the standards of protecting users' personal information and is ready to launch.

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