Our client is the owner of the leading hospitality technology provider. Two of the products provided by the client’s company is a hotel booking system and loyalty program management. Our client wanted an introduction to the new back office system's booking app - the CRM. The CRM needed to set up a customizable user interface with quick changes for different world regions. Our program was the creation of a module that does not depend on extraneous technologies for implementation in other client projects.


The Mbunity Development team has extensive experience in website and application development. Considering the project's stringent quality requirements and their strict deadline of the project, our team used the NodeJS-framework Express for the backend and VueJS for frontend development. At all development stages, we maintained active communication with the client, informing him about the work done. Our team carried out thorough testing and debugging and wrote full-fledged project documentation to complete the project.


When working on this project, our team used the following set of technologies and tools:

  • Bootstrap, JavaScript, VueJS, Lodash, Typescript
  • NodeJS, Express, AWS


Mbunity Development has successfully created a new CRM refreshing the hotel booking client application. Our solution's advantage is an advanced, easy-to-use user interface with the ability to personalize logos, addresses, locations, and more.

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