The task we have taken on was a hardware e-store for the US market. It featured a standard online store interface and functionality. What truly mattered for our partner in this project was the website’s performance. Thus, our primary goal was to build an online platform that would be quick and responsive.
Our collaboration with the client started when the website was already set up halfway. However, we had tight deadlines, as our partner’s business was having a severe struggle due to the platform’s inactivity. Considering the task’s urgency, Mbunity Development managed to begin the website’s development within two days after signing the agreement and receiving the client’s project requirements.

Project Overview

  • Platform: Web
  • Team Involved: Designer, Two Full Stack Software Developers, DevOps
  • Technologies: Node.js, Express, ReactJS, Reaction Commerce, MongoDB, Spree Commerce
  • Methodology: Kanban

Project Goals

We have received clear guidelines regarding the client’s needs. Thus, Mbunity Development's goals for this were:

  • Create a fast and convenient online store
  • Implement an advanced filter for sorting products by parameters
  • Develop not only a design concept but also a corporate identity for the website
  • Bring the company to online sales in the target segment
  • Implement the partner’s requirements, both in terms of design and performance

Resolved Challenges

One of our essential goals was upgrading the platform’s overall performance. A necessary part of it was polishing up the order placement system. First, we have improved the payment system’s security using a Visa solution Authorize.Net.
Then, we made sure that the order form and delivery cost calculator were functioning without delays and errors. Besides, we improved the delivery system by introducing several shipping methods, such as FedEx, UPS, and more. We have also added advanced address verification.
The principal issue arose when we had to relocate an extensive database of labels and items from the site’s old version based on Spree. However, we managed to optimize it for the new online store version.
Another thing our team was working on within this project was developing a comfortable and functional search system. We implemented search filters that displayed the number of items in a particular product category. They were based on an up-to-date list and executed on the client-side.
However, this approach was not convenient and worsened the platform’s responsiveness. For instance, if there were a lot of items in the search, the website functioned slowly. We found a solution by implementing a Progressive Web App Development (PWA) element – web workers. It has significantly increased the website’s speed.
If your platform is experiencing similar issues, reach out to us now for a quick, effective solution! The Mbunity Development team is happy to develop the ideal online store for you.

Our Team

There were One Designer, DevOps, and Two Full-Stack Mbunity Development software developers assigned to complete this task in the shortest possible time.


This project was brought to life with the help of:

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • Reaction Commerce
  • Spree Commerce


Throughout this project, we did not need to interact with the partner continuously, as we have received clear instructions at the beginning. Our team also had a tight deadline and met it successfully. We also decided to use the Waterfall methodology to manage this project’s development. The work on this online store was divided into linear sequential steps that ensured top quality, together with the highest execution speed.


As a result, our client has received a fast and functional online store with easy navigation. The platform has a comfortable filtered search, improved data security, and an easy order placement process. It also has a pleasant, user-friendly design that makes the website stand out among the competitors.

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