The Mbunity Development team successfully applied SaaS solutions for the retail platform. SaaS is a cloud-based software leased by a company. Companies can access their data from any device through an Internet connection. The storage and processing of data on a server hosted and maintained by suppliers are of a high degree and security, both physical (for example, from fire, theft, or seizure) and informational.
The indisputable advantage of SaaS services is its low costs. The SaaS model simplifies application management and increases agility and ease of deployment. Cloud systems are easily integrated with various systems operating in enterprises and among themselves. For a system developer, the cloud service model is an excellent incentive to develop their products.

What Companies Get When Choosing SaaS Solutions

Our client has a platform that offers a set of services for retail companies. After preliminary examination and analysis, it turned out that the best solution would be to place the project on the SaaS platform. The implementation of SaaS solutions allows you to reduce excess inventory and lost sales. Cloud service significantly reduces the production planning cycle. The cloud-based system gives full transparency to in-store management processes - wherever the owner is located in the world, they can always get an online picture of their business situation.
Each cloud system has a full-fledged and comprehensive reporting package that allows responsible managers to perform current tasks efficiently and top management to analyze key indicators like sales, inventory, turnover, surplus, lost sales, costs, the profitability of outlet vehicles, assortment, and supplier reliability.

Tasks Assigned to Mbunity Development’s Team

The customer platform is targeted at e-commerce and retail companies in the United States. Clients had their own ideas about the business model and product development strategies. Based on these requirements, as well as the analysis and meetings, our team was assigned the following tasks:

  • Creating a new user interface written from scratch
  • Making the application easy to use
  • Working with the server part provided by our clients
  • Redesigning the app to run on Swift
  • Testing out-of-the-box solutions and debugging problems


When working on the project, we used:

  • Swift4, Moya, .NET
  • Sketch, Zeplin
  • Swagger, Crashlytics
  • Capture SDK


Mbunity Development team has created a new design and user interface for the application. The mobile application is powered by Swift and is ready for placement in the AppStore

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